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Rules and Regulations


Rules And Regulations

  • Every people must bring the diary to the class room daily, it should be used as a rough book , pages there in should not be turn off,
  • all pupils should be present in school on the opening day of the each term .
  • pupils are prohibited from keeping money or their valuable items while they are in the school.
  • Pupils are strictly prohibited from bringing comics and other yellow journals , however they are permitted to bring reference books or library books.
  • All articles like tiffin boxes , umbrellas etc , should marked with name , class and division , This is for proper identification.
  • No pupil suffering from any contagious or infectionous disease will be allowed to attend the school.
  • The vidyalaya shall not be responsible in any way for any illness, injury, accidents or mishaps to the pupils.
  • Pupils coming late and those absenting from the assembly will be liable for the punishment as rules.
  • Late comers shall enter the class only after reporting to the Principal
  • No pupil should leave the school premises during the class hours without the knowledge and permission of the principal
  • If a pupil is absent for fifteen consecutives days without an application or for three days at the beginning of a term , his /her name may be struck off from the rolls.
  • any damage to school will have to be made good, . the decision of the principal regarding the amount is final .
  • The school premises should be kept neat and tidy, Particular care should be taken to throw rubbish of any kind on the ground or in the school premises.
  • The parents / guardian will be held responsible for the damage done to the vidyalaya property by the pupils.
  • No pupil will be allowed to go home during the class hours unless the parent or a duly authorized person comes to the take him or her with the permission of the principal or class teacher.
  • during school hours, pupils are not allowed to receive visitors or make he calls or to answer a phone call If the matter is very urgent , the massages will be given.
  • The visitors are expected to meet the principal/ Manager on working days only by appointment.
  • Only vegetarian food is allowed in the school premises.
  • pupils must come to calls with the lesson well prepared and the home work completed.
  • Pupils from one class are not allowed to enter other classes
  • Refinement of manners , obedience, neatness in person dress and belonging s and punctuality should be cultivated .
  • pupils should not quarrel with one another either in the class or out side.
  • Running playing and shouting inside the school building is never allowed.
  • When pupils move along the verandahs , they must walk in silence and in single file, they should always keep to the left as for as possible.
  • Pupils are responsible to the school authorities not only for their conduct in school but also for their general behaviour out side , Any report observed objectionable conduct out of school shall make them liable to disciplinary action.
  • Articles found in the school or one the premises are to be handed over to the office.
  • The school reserves the right to dismiss a pupil on grounds of irregular attendance, habitual loss of application , disobedience to teacher or any kind of malpractice , objectionable behaviour inside the premises or elsewhere
  • Legitimate complaints may the brought to the notice of the principal , No parents is allowed to question other children within the campus or outside.
  • As far as possible, English language should be used within the school premises there by to encourage spoken English.
  • any pupil desiring to be exempted from yoga , P.T. or games must produce a doctor’s certificate to the effect that he /she physically unfit to take part.
  • No pupils should remain in the class room during P.T. or games period , unless permitted by the principal.
  • All pupil should be habitually clean and always neatly dressed. They are expected to come in uniform everyday.
  • The Principal permission is required .